Test results – Next steps (test for those with no symptoms)

There are a number of steps you need to take after receiving the results of your COVID-19 test.

Positive result

If your result is positive you will need to self-isolate immediately for 10 days from the date of your test and follow the steps below. You will be asked for your name and contact details at the test site which will allow us to provide support to staff and students who test positive. Personal information will be treated safely and only by those who need it. Once your result is passed onto the University Contact Tracing team, they will begin contact tracing and ask you to book a confirmatory PCR test as soon as possible.

Please note that, in line with University closure days and bank holidays, the campus testing sites at the Sports Centre, Greenbank Student Village and the ‘with symptoms’ testing site close to the Guild will be closed from 5pm on Wednesday, 31 March until Wednesday, 7 April. The testing site at Leahurst will remain open for staff and students during that period. If you require a PCR test as a confirmatory test following a positive lateral flow test, or because you have any symptoms, please visit the Government covid pages for information. If the PCR test is negative you can stop self-isolating. 

Steps to take now:

  • Self-isolate immediately for 10 days
  • Self-report your positive COVID-19 test result as soon as possible using the University’s Case Management System. The data will be accessed by the University’s Contact Tracing Team, who will then be in touch to follow track and trace protocol. For the majority of students, reporting on this system will mean that you do not need to also contact your School or Department to advise them of your test results. The exception to this is any students who are studying a clinical course; please continue to report to your local area as you currently do
  • Students also need to update the  COVID student intranet page to tell us that you are self-isolating. By letting us know you are isolating, we are then able to reach out and offer you support, even if you are not on campus.   
  • Let anyone you have been in close contact with know that they will need to isolate for 10 days from the last date you were with each other
  • If you live in University halls you should let your hall manager or hall reception know. If you are in private halls of residence, you must inform your halls’ nominated contact. If you are unsure who this is contact the Hall reception
  • If you live in private rented accommodation you are not required to let your landlord know, but you will need to inform the people you live with, and any other close contacts that they should start to self-isolate (whether or not they have symptoms). If you do not have contact details of your housemates your landlord will be able to pass on the information to all other residents
  • If you are employed outside of the University you should also let your employer know

If you need help or support whilst you are isolating please email Student Services on advice@liverpool.ac.uk or read the self-isolation guidance.

Staff can find more information about sickness pay and working from home on the HR Intranet.

Negative result

If your result is negative, you are free to work/study on campus, if authorised. Read more about when to return. You are required to repeat test every five days. You are also free to travel within the UK (in line with the latest national/local restrictions).

If this is your first 'no symptoms' test, we recommend booking a second test within 24 hours if you intend to travel. Please note – this is not mandatory and, providing you do not develop symptoms of COVID-19, you are free to travel if you wish to without a second test.

If you are planning to travel internationally you may need a different sort of test. Please visit our international guidance page for further information.

It is also important to remember that testing is just one of a range of public health measures in place to control the spread of COVID-19.

Whilst we encourage all our students to take a test before travelling as an additional safety precaution, please do continue to keep in mind that the key steps we can take as individuals – wearing a face covering, regularly washing our hands, and maintaining a safe distance from anyone from another household – make an enormous difference.

Inconclusive result

If your result is inconclusive we’d recommend booking a repeat 'no symptoms' test.

If you are planning to travel internationally you may need a different sort of test. Please visit our international guidance page for further information.

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