Monitor for COVID-19 symptoms with Evergreen Life

Monitor yourself for COVID-19 symptoms and help take care of your health and wellbeing with our new University of Liverpool version of the Evergreen Life App.

Whether you have COVID-19 symptoms or not, we are asking all staff and students on campus to take the daily COVID check. It will only take a few minutes each day and will help keep our campus safe.

You'll also get access to lots of other useful features including

  • Link to book a free COVID-19 test at the University’s on-site testing centre (if you are experiencing symptoms
  • Facility to download your GP record and easily book appointments and prescriptions
  • Tracking your health and fitness measurements and getting personalised insights on how to stay healthy, happy and well

It’s important you download the app using our specific link or QR code found on posters and flyers around campus.

Please do not search for the app directly in the app stores as that will prompt you to install the public version of the app instead of the bespoke University of Liverpool version.

Once installed the app will prompt you to insert your student or staff ID. It will ask for 9 characters so staff will need to insert ‘000’ prior to their individual 6 character ID number in order to register. Students should enter their ID number exactly as displayed on their student card.

Download Evergreen Life

You can also download the Evergreen Life app by scanning the QR code found on posters and flyers around campus.

Evergreen app download QR code

The University has worked in partnership with Evergreen to develop the bespoke app which is tailored to our community.  If you choose to give permission, we’ll use the data from the COVID check to spot local patterns and trends that will help keep our campus safe.

Already using the public version of the app?

You can update the app to access the features that are available exclusively to the University of Liverpool, including the bespoke COVID survey. Go to the Evergreen Life downloads page or scan the QR code that can be found on posters and flyers around campus and in halls.

When the app opens, you will be asked to complete some details to identify you as part of the University cohort.  You’ll also be asked to consent to sharing your COVID survey responses with us. You can then continue to use the app as normal. All of your previous data recorded within Evergreen along with the services you access, such as GP record access, will continue to be available.

Your privacy

Your COVID check responses will be used to help us detect potential outbreaks of coronavirus. This is needed to help keep the community safe in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Personal information such as your University ID number and postcode will enable us to see patterns and trends, such as potential outbreaks in a specific hall of residence or with a particular taught activity taking place on campus. Data will not be used to personally identify you, it will not be shared outside of the University, and you will not be contacted regarding any data you submit via the app. Read our full privacy statement.

Your feedback

Email the Campus Shield team with your feedback or your ideas to improve the app.

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