Your responsibilities in the community

We are proud of what you bring to our community whether that is in Liverpool or any of our other campuses or partner universities.

Whether you are staying in halls, or you have ventured out to live in our local community, you have a responsibility to help us to maintain positive relationships with our neighbours and the wider community.

Sign the Liverpool Community Pledge

As part of our student induction process you will be asked to take a ‘citizenship module’ which contains our Liverpool Community Pledge – a demonstration of our shared commitment to respectful and responsible citizenship. By signing the pledge you are agreeing to play your part within our institution and in the wider community to minimise transmission of the COVID-19 virus and to build strong and respectful communities.

Respecting your community

It’s great living with friends but please remember that houses or flats with multiple occupants can easily cause disturbance to neighbours. Consider that you may have a family with young children nearby, an elderly couple or people trying to work from home. Noise disturbance or anti-social behaviour can lead to a great deal of stress for those around you, so please try to think of others.

  • Keep music, the TV volume and any other noise at a reasonable level at all times. If you like loud music, use headphones. Professional sound systems are definitely not suitable for use in a home.
  • Be aware of your surroundings when walking through neighbourhoods at night. Loud voices can easily carry and cause disturbance to those around you
  • Keep your property clean and don’t dump rubbish. Make sure you know when your bin collection day is so you can do your bit to keep your neighbourhood clean and tidy.

In the current pandemic, it’s more important than ever that neighbours support one another. The checklist on our accommodation community pages will help you to start your new tenancy off on a positive note whilst ensuring that you and your housemates stay safe, consider your neighbours and follow social distancing regulations.

Socialising safely

Liverpool is a welcoming and vibrant city. We are sure you will enjoy getting out and exploring it, but make sure you do it safely, and in line with current national/local restrictions.

Keep socially distanced, and be mindful of the wider community you are a part of.

It is your responsibility to keep up to date with national restrictions put in place by the UK Government to try to contain the spread of COVID-19.

You can find information about local restrictions for Liverpool on the Liverpool City Council webpages.

Please do the right thing and play your part in keeping everyone – especially those who are most vulnerable – safe in our city. It is now your city too. 

Your conduct

Remember that as a student you need to adhere to our Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline. You’ll also need to complete our mandatory citizenship module.

If you’re not familiar with the policy, make sure you take a look and read the document, as it outlines how we expect you to behave both on and off campus as a student at the University. It is important that you pay particular attention to Appendix I (PDF), which highlights what we consider to be non-academic misconduct.

Reporting problems

If you experience problems within your local community, whether it be noise, COVID-19 breaches or other anti-social behaviour, you can report this by emailing us on You can also make use of the formal processes provided by Liverpool City Council. This process gives us the opportunity to work closely with our longstanding partners and ensure that all relevant incidents are investigated and dealt with appropriately.

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