Get a test before returning

You should only return to campus when you have face-to-face teaching scheduled or in limited other circumstances as set out in government guidance.

Before you travel (UK students)

Before you return to Liverpool or to campus, we expect you to take a COVID-19 test prior to travelling.

You can do this either at a local test centre, or by requesting a Government at-home testing kit. If there is no mass testing available in your local area, you should request an at-home testing kit and make sure to state that you are not symptomatic and that you are taking part in a community testing pilot.

We strongly encourage you to take an asymptomatic COVID-19 test at a local (local to your non-term time address) test centre. Where this is not possible, you are expected to get a test at one of the University’s test centres as soon as possible and before moving into University accommodation.

If your result is negative, you can travel. You should travel within 24 hours of a negative test result and follow safe travel guidance.  Wherever you have your first test you are then expected to take a second test three days later at one of our asymptomatic test centres.

If your test is positive, you must self-isolate and follow the advice provided by your local testing centre about further testing.

Arriving on campus (UK students)

Take a test as soon as you can after arriving back to campus at one of our ‘no symptoms’ test centres.

In the event that you receive a positive test result, or start displaying any of the symptoms of COVID-19, please self-isolate immediately and book a confirmatory ‘with symptoms’ test. You should self-isolate in line with government guidance and not return to campus until your isolation period has ended.

Before returning to your halls (UK students)

If you are returning to one of our Halls of Residence, you must get a test at one of our centres before returning to your flat.

You will receive your results within an hour. For any students who test positive we will have a limited number of dedicated rooms in halls where you can self-isolate, following a confirmatory ‘with symptoms’ test.

By self-isolating you will keep your friends and our University community safe and well.

Mandatory Hotel Quarantine for returning students 

From Monday 15 February 2021, any third country nationals with residence rights in the UK travelling from (or transiting through) a country on the UK’s travel ban list in the last 10 days will be required to quarantine in a government-approved facility for a period of 10 days

You will have residence rights if you already have a Tier 4 or Student visa for the UK. If you are unsure about whether you have residence rights please contact International Advice and Guidance

Testing During Quarantine and the Test to Release Scheme

From 15 February onwards, everyone allowed to enter England from outside the Common Travel Area must: 

  • quarantine for 10 days 
  • Book and pay for a Travel Test Package to take a coronavirus (COVID-19) test on day 2 and day 8 of quarantining (at a cost of £210) 
  • follow the national lockdown rules 

You can find more information on how to quarantine including how to book a Travel Test Package here

You will not be eligible to use the ‘Test to Release’ scheme if you travelled through or from a country on the UK’s travel ban list in the last 10 days. 

For everyone else, you will be required to self-isolate for 10 days as all travel corridors are currently suspended. As long as you are required to be in the UK as a result of having face to face teaching then you can still use the ‘Test to Release’ Scheme from day 5 of your self-isolation but will still need to be tested on day 8 as part of your Travel Test Package. 

You can find more information on the government’s website here. 

Mandatory Testing Before Travel 

The above regulations are in addition to all travellers having to provide a negative coronavirus (COVID-19) test to travel to England. It is your responsibility to make sure that the test you take meets UK government requirements. You can find these here 

You can find more information on getting a negative test before travel on the government’s website here 

As part of the Government's new ‘Test to Release’ policy for international travel we are offering all University of Liverpool international students a PCR test 5 days after leaving your destination (not on the travel corridor list). If the result is negative, you can stop self-isolating.

Please note that the scheme is voluntary and applies to those self-isolating in England only. If you travel from a destination not on the travel corridor list and do not want to opt in to the test to release program, you will need to self-isolate for 10 full days after you were last in your destination not on a travel corridor list.

You can book a test here.

Please visit our Advice for International Students page for further information.

Ongoing testing

If you are regularly working or studying on campus in Liverpool, including in our Halls of Residence, you are now required to take regular quick-results lateral flow tests. Any student or staff member who is on campus for three or more days in any week (Monday to Sunday) will need to access two ‘no symptoms’ lateral flow tests (approximately every three days). For those who attend campus for one or two days in any week (Monday to Sunday) they must access at least one ‘no symptoms’ lateral flow tests every seven days, aiming for two where circumstances allow. 

The only exceptions to this are students who have had a positive PCR ('with symptoms') test in the past 90 days.

Should there be an outbreak on campus, students and staff may be asked to provide screenshots of text messages/ emails that confirm they have engaged with testing as outlined above.

If you do not get a test

Students who do not get a test must self-isolate for 10 days before attending any face-to-face activities or using campus facilities.

Positive test result in last 90 days

Students who have received a positive PCR ('with symptoms') test result in the 90 days before they return to campus, which has been recorded on the NHS system, are not required to have a test unless they have symptoms.

Any student who develops symptoms must self-isolate and book a PCR test whether or not they have had a previous positive PCR test.

If you have had a positive PCR test more than 90 days ago

If you have had a positive PCR ('with symptoms') test result more than 90 days ago, you need to start taking regular tests again. Remember, students who are accessing campus-based facilities (including our accommodation) are required to get asymptomatic tests every five days.

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