Coronavirus (COVID-19) campus safety for staff

We are all responsible for keeping our campus COVID-secure. Find out more how we are planning our return to campus, how to get help if you need it, and the part you will play in keeping our community safe.

Returning to campus

How we're planning our return to campus.

Safety measures for staff

How to stay safe on campus.

Access wellbeing and mental health support

How to get help if you need it.

Campus safety resources

COVID-19 resources, such as signage and reminders, to download and display in your area.

Self isolation and sickness absence

Guidance for self-isolating and COVID-related sickness (HR intranet).

Guidance for disabled staff

COVID-19-related advice for staff with a disability (HR intranet).

COVID-19 guidance for managers

Guidance for support staff during the pandemic (HR intranet).

Work contracts

Guidance for staff on short-term contracts, or for hiring staff on short-term contracts (HR intranet).

Annual leave and holidays abroad

Guidance on taking annual leave and holidays abroad (HR intranet).

Working from home

Guidance on working from home (HR intranet).

Reporting a suspected case

How to report a suspected COVID-19 case including who you need to notify and each area’s COVID contacts list.

Test results: next steps

Find out what you need to do after receiving your COVID-19 test result, whether positive, negative or inconclusive.