Get a COVID-19 test – For those without symptoms

Information about accessing a test if you do not have any symptoms of COVID-19.

Get tested twice every week

If you are regularly working or studying on campus you are required to take regular quick-results lateral flow tests. Students and staff who are on campus each week will need to access two ‘no symptoms’ lateral flow tests (approximately every three days).

The only exception to the regular asymptomatic testing requirements for those on campus are staff and students who have received a positive PCR ('with symptoms') test result within the last 90 days (which has been recorded on the NHS system). 

If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 you must self-isolate and book a PCR test whether or not you have had a previous positive PCR test. 

If you have had a positive PCR test result more than 90 days ago, you need to start taking regular asymptomatic tests again.  

Students who are returning to the UK from overseas may require access to different tests. Visit our international guidance page for further information.

Getting a test

Our 'no symptoms' testing site operates on a walk-in basis, so there is no need to pre-book. You can also access and collect home testing kits from campus.

The on-campus test centre at the Chapel in the Foresight Centre (see building 359, grid C10 on the campus map (PDF) is open:

  • 8:30am – 3pm Monday to Friday

The tests will be conducted using self-swabbing supported by Covid Advisory Service staff who will provide information and guidance on site.

If you are unable to make it the on-campus testing centre, you can also access Liverpool City Region's SMART testing facilities.

Receiving your results from the on-site test centre

Test results are processed on-site and you should receive your result within an hour.

If you receive a positive result after taking a Lateral Flow test (a quick result test for those with no symptoms) you should self-isolate immediately for 10 days and follow these self-reporting steps. Once your result is passed onto the University Contact Tracing team, they will begin contact tracing and ask you to book a confirmatory PCR test as soon as possible.

You can access a PCR test at our 'with symptoms' test centre, via a local test centre or by ordering a at home test kit. Please visit the Government Covid-19 pages for further information. If the PCR test is negative you can stop self-isolating. 

Home testing kits

Staff and students can collect a COVID-19 self-test kit to allow you to take regular tests at home at a convenient time. Each kit contains 7 tests enabling users to test twice weekly or more often if required, and full instructions are included.

Test kits can be collected from the Chapel in the Foresight Centre (no symptoms testing centre) as well as from the Guild of Students and Sydney Jones Library (from Monday 20 September onwards). You do not need to provide any personal data to collect kits.

When taking a home test, you should report your result on

To register your result as a member of staff:

  • When asked Did you take this test for your job? select Yes.
  • When asked to Tell us about the work select It’s for an education provider.
  • When asked Which of these describes you best? select Employed by a nursery, school, college, university, childcare provider or other education provider.
  • When asked What’s the name or postcode of the education provider? enter University of Liverpool and select University of Liverpool from the drop-down menu.

To register your result as a student:

  • When asked Did you take this test for your job? select No.
  • When asked Tell us why you took this test select To go to school, university or college.
  • When asked What’s the name or postcode of the education provider? enter University of Liverpool and select University of Liverpool from the drop-down menu.

Further help and advice

If you have any other queries about the on-campus COVID-19 test centres or are struggling to access a test for any other reason please contact or call the COVID Advisory Service on 0151 795 9500.

The additional testing service on campus represents a significant investment from the University to help our students and staff keep themselves, their families and friends safe. We are not able to offer testing to members of the general public or anybody who is not part of our university community.

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