Book a COVID-19 test

There are three different COVID-19 tests available to students and staff.

  • A test for those experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (PCR test) 
  • A test for those who do not have symptoms, also known as 'asymptomatic' testing (Lateral Flow test) 
  • A test for those who have arrived in the UK from overseas and who wish to take part in the ‘Test to Release’ programme (PCR test).

International students may need to access different tests. See our international guidance for further information.

For further guidance please contact, or call the COVID Guidance and Travel Plans Helpline on 0151 795 9500.

I have symptoms

Book a test.

I do not have symptoms

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I want to Test to Release (international students only)

You can only use the Test to Release programme if you are required to be in the UK as a result of having face-to-face teaching and you have been self-isolating for at least five days.

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