How to Enrol Online - FAQs

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How do I access the online store?

Click on 'Browse and Book course' on the homepage


You will see a list of courses listed under the relevant subjects e.g. Information Technology – to view the full list of courses for each subject click ‘Read More…’. You can browse through the listing of courses by scrolling down until you see a course that interests you.

I have found a course that I like – how do I book on this?

Once you have found a course that you like – you can click on the option ‘Book Event’ in the top right hand corner.

Please be aware that you have to be enrolled at least 2 working days in advance in order to access our online courses that require a payment – you cannot enrol ‘on the day’.

We need to process your enrolment after you have registered, and then send you a link to access to the online webpage for you course – please make sure you enrol in good time to avoid missing the start of the course.  

This does not apply to free events where you enrol via Eventbrite; they can be done the same day as they don’t require any further processing.

Can anyone set up an account?

Yes you can. You need an account to pay online for every course, however once you have filled in your personal details you do not have to enter the information again.

How do I set up an account?

For your first visit you must create an account – you can do this by clicking on ‘click here’.

Once you have set up your account please keep a record of your details as you will need them for further bookings.

Do not enter your email address – at this stage of the process you have not set up an account and your email will be rejected.

I have previously set up an account – how do I proceed?

It is simple – you begin by putting your email address in the box as titled (please be aware this is case sensitive) and by then entering your password in the titled box by clicking on the relevant box.

What if I have forgotten my password?

Do not worry! The process is quite simple – click on the ‘Forgotten Your Password?’ tab and enter your email. An email will be sent to your email address with instructions on how to log in and set up a new password.

What fee do I pay?

A full description of who is entitled to pay a concession fee is detailed on the first page – the title of the page is called ‘Package Option’. 

How do I move onto the next page?

To move onto the next page you must click on ‘continue’ in the bottom right of the screen.

Do I have to enter my details all the time?

No you do not. If you have set up an account then you can click on ‘Use my Customer Details’ in the top right hand corner and this will bring up your details. You can now press ‘Continue’ to move onto the next page.

Do I have to take credits?

No you do not have to take credits. The choice is yours and you can decide to do credits within the first few weeks of your course.

I am eligible for a reduced fee, what do I have to do?

If you fulfill the criteria for the second concessionary fee – you will be asked to provide evidence that you are entitled to this fee band. For students and members of staff at the University of Liverpool you will be asked for your staff/student number – for students other than UoL you will also be asked for the name of the institution that you are currently a student of. For those claiming a reduced fee as a pensioner you must provide your National Insurance number as proof.

If you wish to pay for the third concessionary fee then you will need to provide evidence that you are entitled to do this. You have to provide a pdf or word document that proves you are in receipt of one of the listed requirements for concessionary rate. Simply save the document to your computer (remember where you have saved it!) – click on ‘Choose file’ and click on the saved document – this will upload the proof needed to claim a reduced fee.

I cannot enter my date of birth

You must provide the information in the order that you have been asked on the screen e.g. choose the month first – then the year that you were born and finally the day that you were born.

How do I confirm my choice of course?

Once you have completed all the required questions you will be given a screen summarising your booking – to confirm your choice you must click ‘Add to Basket’.

This will then take you to another screen ‘the basket’ where you will be asked to confirm the booking – click ‘Proceed to Checkout’

Can I put more than one course in my basket?

No you cannot - the 'basket' is design flaw. Unfortunately we have been informed that there is no way we can remove the basket at present. You can only book one course at a time. Remember your customer details are saved so you do not have to enter your personal details for each booking – but you will have to answer the course questionnaire again (and provide proof again if paying a concession fee). 

What happens when I have confirmed my booking?

You will receive an email confirming your booking details – a copy of this will be sent to our email address and we can enter your details onto the University system to generate a student record e.g. student number for first time users.

How do I request a refund?

You must put your request in an email to a minimum of seven days before the start of the course. No refunds will be issued after this date and all refunds are subject to an administrative charge of 10% of the initial fee.

What will happen if the course is cancelled?

If the course fails to recruit a full refund is given and will be paid directly back onto your card/bank

I cannot remember my NI number?

Unfortunately we need your NI number as proof that you are in receipt of a State Retirement Pension – if you cannot remember your NI number then you would need to visit the office and provide proof in person.

I tried to enter my email address but the system rejected my email and informed me to use another email address – why?

The email address is already in use. You may have forgotten that you have set up an account – don’t worry, simply click in the box ‘Forgotten my Password’ and login instructions will be sent to your email account.

You may be sharing an email account with someone else – this is fine, you can simply ‘add’ your details to the system. If this is the case do not click ‘Use my Customer Details’ ,instead you should enter the information into the section titled ‘Delegate Details’

When I was ready to pay I was asked for secturity details from my bank – why?

Unfortunately this is not something that we can control – it is your bank that is asking these questions for security purposes for your protection.

Can I book another person on a course with my account?

Yes you can – but only on the same course, you cannot book another person on a different course. To add another person (you can book up to four people under your account) simply click on the ‘Add Delegate’ tab in the bottom left hand corner of the Booking Summary page.

You will then be asked for the fee that the delegate will pay (this can be different to yours – however proof will be need if a concessionary fee is requested). Then you will be asked for their name and address. Please be aware you are making a separate booking for another person so the information will need to be added in the same way that you added your own details.

Can I use a Continuing Education Voucher?

Unfortunately vouchers can only be redeemed at the reception of Continuing Education.