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Credit and Awards

Continuing Education (CE) can help you to develop and extend your knowledge, skills and potential and our expert staff are there to ensure that you enjoy that challenge.  CE offers courses that create active learning environments in which each student has the opportunity to take charge of their own learning with the support of professional and friendly guidance.

Not only do our courses offer exciting learning opportunities, most of them are credit-bearing. This means that they have been put through a rigorous process which approves their content and teaching methods, as well as the level and volume of learning.

Choosing to study for credit means that you can build an individualised learning pathway leading to a formal award from the University – evidence of both your commitment and achievement. Assessment of learning often means that you gain more from a course and gaining credit provides a strong sense of personal satisfaction. Many people use their achievement as evidence of development in a work situation.

Whether you are new to university study or returning after a long gap, studying for credit can help you to get the most out of yourself and your studies.

Online Study

Students enrolled on an online Continuing Education course will gain credits (depending upon successful completion of assignments/exams) as part of the total fee paid. There is no extra charge for accreditation for online students.

What Awards can I Achieve?

60 credits: Personal and Professional Development Certificate (PPDC).This award is structured to enable you to plan a study pathway (e.g. across different subject areas) that specifically reflects your particular interests. It incorporates a mandatory 5 credit module Academic Skills: The Essentials and an optional 10 credit module ‘Independent Study’ which allows you to use a work or personal interest project as the basis of your study. The PPDC must be completed within 3 years of registration PPDC accreditation form 201718 . More information is available in the PPDC Fact Sheet 2017

120 credits: Certificate in Higher Education (Cert. HE). This is awarded as a general Certificate for credits gained across a range of subjects.  

Once your course has started, you can still register for credit by contacting the office. 

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