Business and Management

Business and management short courses with the University of Liverpool 

How Tax Works

Are you an entrepreneur with big business ideas? Self-employed and responsible for your own tax returns? Or do you just need to know more about how tax works? This essential course will provide you with an insight into how to effectively apply taxation policies in practical commercial situations. With Nabaz Birabaty, 7 weeks from Wednesday 3 February, 6-8pm. We are no longer taking enrolments for this course.

Zero to Hero: Growing a small business from scratch

This course is aimed at anyone looking to create and build their own small business. Whether it’s a side hustle or their sole priority, the course will cover everything you need to focus on to be successful. With Christopher Jones, 8 weeks from Tuesday 2 February, 6-8.30pm. We are no longer taking enrolments for this course.

Leadership in Practice

This course is highly interactive and participative, and aligns leadership practice with theory. You will be introduced to practical leadership frameworks, techniques, skills and tools, and also to ‘Collaborative Leadership’, and ‘Leadership as Practice’ theoretical perspectives. We will cover such areas as problem solving/decision making; leading groups and teams, executive coaching; emotional intelligence; developing confidence; managing organisational change; managing performance; and leadership learning. With Bob Dowd, 8 weeks from Monday 1 February, 6-8.30pm. We are no longer taking enrolments for this course.

Bubbles: Psychological Elements and Trading Practices

Price-bubbles are a very frequent phenomenon observed over time in various markets as well as in individual industries and stocks; once their rally reaches a peak, a crash predictably ensues. This course will describe historical bubble episodes, introduce the key bubble types, present several legally dubious bubble-avenues (Ponzi-schemes; manipulation techniques), key behavioural trading patterns associated with bubbles (herding; feedback trading) and discuss in some detail the role of fraud in bubble-episodes and its behavioural foundations. With Dr Vasileios Kallinterakis, 5 weeks from Monday 1 February, 6-8pm.

Beyond rationality: how superstition affects investment decisions

Superstitions are irrational trains of thought that can affect a large variety of decisions in our lives; surprisingly, however, not much is known about their role in investors’ decision making. This course offers a detailed overview of superstitions in terms of their behavioural foundations and typology, before providing a concise review of the empirical evidence from international financial markets on their presence and the potential for their profitable exploitation. With Dr Vasileios Kallinterakis, Saturday 13 March, 10am-1pm.

Building a business that helps: profit & impact

Bored of the kind of thinking that has led to a capitalist and climate crisis? Want to build a product, or a life where your comfort isn't reliant on the exploitation of others? This series will look at different ways to do business and provide the tools and inspiration for attendees to do things that put people, planet and purpose first. With Mara Livermore, 4 weeks from Thursday 4 February, 6.30-8.30pm. We are no longer taking enrolments for this course.