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We provide a wide variety of workshops, lectures and events throughout the year, at the University campus and throughout the City and wider region. Our series of talks and musical performances for 2015/16 are currently being planned - we will post all the details up as soon as we can confirm the dates.

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To enrol you can email or in person at 126 Mount Pleasant. 

All our events take place at 126 Mount Pleasant unless stated otherwise. 

Traditional Instrumental Music in Modern China

With Professor Xianyan Wang

The Confucius Institute, 126 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, L69 3GR

Tuesday 6 March, 12-1pm

Since the early 20th century traditional Chinese music has been challenged by western popular music. The global popularity of western music has had a profound impact upon traditional Chinese music. This has led to a revision of classical Chinese music including the use of traditional instruments and the composition of music, leading to a dramatic change in the formulation of the national orchestra. We will explore the journey from traditional instrumentation to the introduction of a more professional approach to Chinese instrumental music that has become dominant.

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