Access Statement for Foresight Centre

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.

We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance please phone 0151 794 8060 or email


  • Situated 0.5 miles from Liverpool's main line station Lime Street the Centre is 11mins walk up hill.
  • Accessible taxi services are available outside both sides of the station.
  • Frequent bus services from the city Centre Queens Square bus station are 10 / 12 /14 and 17 which offer kneeling bus services.
  • The Centre is situated on the corner of Brownlow Street and Pembroke Place both roads are paved and generally level.
  • Service details of local disability services can be provided and large print and audio information is available on request

Car Parking and Arrival

  • Disabled parking is available on site and is free of charge when displaying a disability permit.
  • There are 2 spaces located next to the building, 2 further along the road and a further 2 outside the Chapel entrance.
  • The car park has a flat smooth surface.
  • There is a drop off area just through the parking barrier and vehicles dropping have 15mins free access to facilitate this. This area has a dropped kerb and is well lit.
  • The main entrance to the Centre is at the top of two small flights of stairs of 4 & 5 steps however there is an access ramp next to the steps with a handrail
  • The entrance door opens outward and is heavy, this door is generally open during the hours of operation, the door is fully visible from reception.
  • There are two entrance doors measuring 88 cm or 34.5 in each, 176cm or 69in in total.
  • Delegates requiring assistance with parking and luggage can pre arrange this by contacting the main reception on 0151 794 8060

Main Entrance / Reception / Welcome Area

  • The main entrance opens out into reception which you must pass on entering the building. Seating is available in reception and there is an area of reception for wheelchair check-in. The floor service in reception is tiled and smooth and the lighting is provided via spotlights making the area bright. Pens paper and a magnifying glass are all available at reception and portable hearing loops can be provided on request.
  • Staff are available for assistance at reception as customers can checked in, in other areas of the building. They can also assist in building familiarisation tours.

Public Areas - Halls, Stairs, Landings, Corridors

  • The Foresight Centre offers a selection of public areas these are all well-lit and designed for access for all.
  • The corridors are wide and bright and the floors are carpeted in a short pile for easy mobility.
  • There are two lifts both offering level access and equipped with mirrors handrails and tactile signage, there is also an audio facility.
  • We have three floors: Lower Ground Floor and Evac chair is available at both refuge points both front and rear. The Ground Floor and the First Floor which also has Evac facilities at both front and rear refuge points.
  • The refuge areas are situated next to the front lift and next to the rear stairs on all floors.

Public Toilets

  • The WC's are located in the same place on each floor and the Accessible WC is unisex and separate from the main services.
  • All WC's have level access and the clear space is on the left hand side of the room when facing in.
  • All have emergency pull cords located in the cubical and instructions in case of emergency.
  • All have smooth non slip surfaces and grab rails located on the left hand side of the WC.
  • The sinks all have lever taps.

Conference and Meeting Rooms

  • All conference rooms have level entry access although the first floor and Lower Ground floor would require use of the lift in the first instance.
  • All conference room doors are all a minimum of 95cm or 37.5 in.
  • All rooms are set to the facilitators requirements with accessible consideration however all furniture is moveable and a choice of chairs can be offered.
  • All rooms are well lit and all except the Chandler room & hub lounge have an abundance of natural daylight and floors all have short pile carpet.
  • Delegates can contact our main reception to discuss requirements on 0151 794 8060.

Contact Information

Foresight Centre
University of Liverpool
1 Brownlow Street
L69 3GL

0151 794 8060

Hours Of Operation

8am - 6.30pm Monday - Friday evening and weekends on request

Local Carers Advice

Merseyside Disability Federation,
The Joseph Lappin Centre,
Mill Lane,
Liverpool L13 5TF
Tel : 0151 282 8020

Local Equipment Hire

Shopmobility Liverpool One
35 Strand Street
Liverpool L1 8LT
Tel: 0151 707 0877

Local Accessible Taxi

Liverpool Davy Liver Taxis
21 Stafford Street,
Liverpool, L3 8LX

Tel 0151 708 7080

Mersey Cabs
Abbey House
5-7 Falkland Street,
Liverpool, L3 8HB
Tel 0151 298 2222

Local Public Transport

PO Box 1976
Liverpool, L69 3HN
Tel: 0151 227 5181
Fax: 0151 330 1234