Studying Computer Science at the University of Liverpool

With our research output and industry partnerships feeding our undergraduate programmes, this is an excellent place to study computer science.

Our students learn about the latest concepts, trends and technologies from leading experts in their field, whilst gaining practical experience and skills.

These practical elements include work-based learning projects, research assignments and industry placements, internships and exchanges.

The entire learning environment is designed to mirror industry settings as closely as possible, from the kit we use to the frequent project-based work.

As you progress you can tailor your programme by choosing from a range of options, such as game programming or robotics.

Additionally you can sign up with our Microsoft IT Academy to become MS Technology Associate certified and get a further professional head start.

Small tutor groups and individual project work ensure you are a name, not a number, and career and academic advisors will help you reach your goals.

Take a closer look at our programmes.