Photo of Professor Vitaliy Kurlin

Professor Vitaliy Kurlin PhD

Professor Computer Science


Selected Publications

  1. A Higher-Dimensional Homologically Persistent Skeleton (Journal article - 2017)
  2. A one-dimensional homologically persistent skeleton of an unstructured point cloud in any metric space (Journal article - 2015)
  3. All 2-dimensional links in 4-space live inside a universal 3-dimensional polyhedron (Journal article - 2008)
  4. Compressed Drinfeld associators (Journal article - 2004)
  5. Recognizing Rigid Patterns of Unlabeled Point Clouds by Complete and Continuous Isometry Invariants with no False Negatives and no False Positives (Conference Paper - 2023)
  6. Mathematics of 2-Dimensional Lattices (Journal article - 2022)
  7. Geographic style maps for two-dimensional lattices (Journal article - 2023)
  8. Resolving the data ambiguity for periodic crystals (Conference Paper - 2022)
  9. Analogy Powered by Prediction and Structural Invariants: Computationally Led Discovery of a Mesoporous Hydrogen-Bonded Organic Cage Crystal (Journal article - 2022)
  10. A fast and robust algorithm to count topologically persistent holes in noisy clouds (Conference Paper - 2013)