Photo of Dr Valentina Tamma

Dr Valentina Tamma PhD

Lecturer Computer Science


    Research Interest 1

    My research interests lie in the area of Ontologies in open and distributed environments, such as Multi-Agent systems, Semantic Web and ubiquitous environments.

    More in particular, I am interested in the use of Artificial Intelligence methods in order to investigate mechanisms for dynamic knowledge evolution and adaptation; i.e. how agents can dynamically establish common grounds for communication, and once they have achieved consensus on the ontology to use how this commitment can cause changes to the agent’s knowledge, and possibly in turn to its beliefs.

    In this context I am investigating Ontology design, ontology management, semantic integration, ontology evolution, and knowledge acquisition.

    Research Grants
    • A shared ontology for negotiation protocols.
    • Paving the way for knowledgeable grid services and systems (ONTOGRID).
    • Realizing the semantic web (KNOWLEDGE WEB).
    • Personalised information platform for life and health services (PIPS).
    • Evolutionary ontologies for open agent environments
    • Application service provision of semantic annotation, aggregation, indexing and routing of textual, multimedia, and multilingual web content (ESPERONTO SERVICES).

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