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Dr Ullrich Hustadt Dr

Reader Computer Science


    Programming languages

    I'm teaching programming languages, in particular, scripting languages and languages used for web programming. Currently, the programming languages covered are JavaScript and PHP
    on both COMP284 Scripting Languages and COMP519 Web Programming. In the past, Perl and Python were also covered.

    Modules for 2023-24

    Complex Information Networks

    Module code: COMP324

    Role: Teaching

    Computer Aided Software Development

    Module code: COMP285

    Role: Teaching

    Database Development

    Module code: COMP207

    Role: Teaching

    Multi-Agent Systems

    Module code: COMP310

    Role: Teaching

    Scripting Languages

    Module code: COMP284

    Role: Module Co-ordinator

    Software Development Tools

    Module code: COMP220

    Role: Teaching

    Web Programming

    Module code: COMP519

    Role: Module Co-ordinator