Photo of Dr Navjot Kukreja

Dr Navjot Kukreja

Lecturer in High-Performance Computing and Scientific Computing Computer Science


Personal Statement

Hi. I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Liverpool. Previously, I worked at Imperial College London.

Research Interests

My research is focused around High-performance computing, Numerical methods (PDE Solvers), machine learning and inverse problems. I am especially interested in Scientific Machine Learning and Physics-Informed Machine Learning. If you are interested in these areas and wish to collaborate, please get in touch with me.

Generally, our group is interested in numerical software that runs at the limits of the underlying hardware, where performance constraints dictate engineering/design decisions. Examples include, but not limited to:

Large-scale PDE-constrained inverse problems (e.g. Full-Waveform Inversion, commonly used in Geophysical Exploration)
Large-scale Deep and Wide Neural Networks (e.g. 3D Image Segmentation, Large-scale data compression, Scientific Machine Learning)
Inference or (especially) training of deep learning networks on Edge hardware including mobile phones
Combinations of the above, e.g. Physics-Informed Neural Networks

We look at these problems from the perspective of Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) and their associated compilers, including topics like Automatic Differentiation. We work in diverse application areas from Geophysical exploration to Healthcare.