Photo of Dr Martin Zimmermann

Dr Martin Zimmermann

Lecturer Computer Science


    Personal Statement

    I am a lecturer at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Liverpool working in the Verification Group. The red thread of my research is turning reactive synthesis from a decision problem into an optimization problem by studying quantitative winning conditions, by turning qualitative conditions into quantitative ones, and by developing algorithms to compute optimal winning strategies. This also includes work on quantitative variants of temporal logics, the standard formalism for specifying such winning conditions.

    I spent postdocs at the Reactive Systems Group at Saarland University and at the Institute of Informatics of the University of Warsaw. Between 2015 and 2018, I was the principal investigator of the DFG project TriCS, which studied tradeoffs in infinite games. For example, we showed that strategies that satisfy a quantitative specification optimally may have to be larger than strategies that just satisfy the specification.

    I did my PhD in Computer Science under the supervision of Wolfgang Thomas at RWTH Aachen University. Before that, I studied Computer Science, also at RWTH Aachen University. During this time, I was a Fulbright student at DePaul University in Chicago.