Computer Science research impact

Computer science research impact

The University of Liverpool’s Department of Computer Science undertakes research in algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI), the driving forces behind many past and present technological advances. The department collaborates with a diverse range of partners across industry, commerce and in public bodies, developing shared academic and economic benefits.

Lady Justice with computer background

Artificial intelligence for next generation legal services

Can AI be used to help process the vast amounts of lengthy official documents faced by legal professionals?

Practitioner and child looking at iPad

Giving vulnerable children a voice

Helping psychologists and social workers discuss distressing feelings and experiences with vulnerable children.

Space debris orbiting the earth

Space debris removal

Computer scientists at Liverpool are using game theory to understand how we can clean up the space debris in low earth orbit.

Postgraduate research

Postgraduate research

The department has an inspiring research environment that attracts world class academics and ambitious students. Studying for a PhD within us ensures you are supervised by world leading experts and have access to the very best facilities.