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Data mining and machine learning

The aim of the group is to investigate automated learning in intelligent systems by developing computational models and algorithms. This group is led by Professor Danushka Bollegala.

The data Mining and Machine Learning (DMML) group in the Department of Computer Science includes academics, research staff and PhD students specialising in all aspects of machine learning and data analysis techniques.

Specifically, the group consists of experts that focus on three core areas.

Natural language processing

Aims to provide principled solutions and is applied across a wide range of areas including automated sentiment classification and social media analysis.

Sequential decision making

Studies methods that allow and agent to make decisions over time, particularly focusing on systems wuth many agents. This applied to complex application settings such as large scale urban traffic control and multi-robot coordination in autonomous warehouses.

Data mining and analysis

Includes time series analysis such as keyboard tpying pattern authentication and mechanisms for achieving secure data mining over encrypted data.

The group works closely with the industry and is supported by several industrial research grants and knowledge transfer partnerships as well as from research councils. 

For the schedule of DMML group meetings and talks please see the research page.


Academic staff members of this group are:

PhD Students

Research students active within the group are:

  • Micheal Abaho
  • Samir Ahmed Essa Al-Abied
  • Saad Alajlan
  • Abdullah Alajmi
  • Yassir Alharbi
  • Hajar Alhijailan
  • Nawal Almutairi
  • Said Al Riyami
  • Amany Alshareef
  • Mohammed Alsuhaibani
  • Flavia Alves
  • Mohammed Ghazi Abdulsada Al-Zeyadi
  • James Butterworth
  • Jacopo Castellini
  • Xia Cui
  • Hang Dong
  • Xenophon Evangelopoulos
  • Huda Hakami
  • Wei Huang
  • Gaojie Jin
  • Lykourgos Kekempanos
  • Richard Klima
  • Neil Morgan
  • James O'Neill
  • Gregory Palmer
  • Pavithra Rajendran
  • Azhan Rashid
  • Andrew Roxburgh
  • Ahmad Shahzad
  • Sergi Siso
  • Emese Thamo
  • Lyudmil Vladimirov
  • James Wright
  • Jinmeng Wu
  • Yizhang Xia
  • Siru Zhang
  • Yinzheng Zhong
  • Yi Zhou
  • Yifan Zhou

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