Research Projects

Current research projects involving members of the group include:

  • LuCiD International Centre for Language and Communicative Development
    F Grasso (2014-2019)
    The project researches into how children learn how to communicate with language. Part of the project is the development of a dedicated app (BabyTalk) to promote language development in children.
  • Foundations of Opinion Formation in Autonomous Systems, EPSRC
    D Grossi (2015-2017)
    The project develops formalisms for modelling and analysing group decision-making in artificial agents.
  • Dendrites: Enabling Instrumentation Connectivity
    K Atkinson, F Coenen (2014-2017)
    The project is a collaboration with CSols Ltd. It develops generic intelligent drivers for laboratory instruments.
  • The Riverview Law KTP Project
    K Atkinson, F Coenen (2014-2016)
    The project is a Knowledge Transfer Partnership and is a collaboration Riverview Law. The project uses automated reasoning techniques from artificial intelligence to create a new service line for the company.
  • Lego Rovers Evolution, STFC
    K Atkinson (2014-2016)
    The project develops an interactive robotics public engagement activity.

Completed projects include: