Provide an industry placement for our third-year students

We give our undergraduate students the option of a year in industry prior to commencing the final year of their degree programme.

This provides employers with a useful source of talent: innovative, ambitious students who are most of the way through their BCS-accredited studies.

Hosting a student offers a number of benefits:

  • an additional, flexible team member who is familiar with the latest technologies and methods.
  • a flexible means of staffing a specific project
  • access to the broader research expertise and support of the department
  • the opportunity to employ a student who has specialised in a specific area of computer science
  • an effective means of evaluating individuals as potential future employees

An academic supervisor supports the student and employer throughout the placement to ensure each gets the maximum from the experience.

Many placement students undertake projects or work part-time with their hosts during their final year and then join on graduation.