Student profile: Molly Russel

Why did you choose to study your chosen course at the University of Liverpool?

I chose to study Communication and media because it had a really wide range of topics on film, mainstream media and the theoretical analysis of media. 

How has University been different from A-levels?

University has different to A-level in so many ways, the most prominent being really finding your own voice to write from in essays and getting research and choose topics that really interest you. 

What has surprised you most about Liverpool?

The most surprising thing I found about Liverpool is how quickly the city becomes familiar. 

How has your learning been facilitated since coming to Liverpool?

My lecturers have been really supportive since I've got to uni, they've been genuinely invested in helping me perform my best at uni!

What extra-or co-curricular activities do you take part in, and how do these affect your student experience?

I'm part of the Cheerleading and Dance team and will actually be President when/ if we return in Sep, this has honestly been the highlight of uni for me. I've met so many lovely girls and had so many opportunities handed to me through the club.

If you could go back, what advice would you have given yourself before going to University?

I would have told myself to take more opportunities and really try new places around the city in 1st year before the work piles up.