Postgraduate Research Students

Meet our postgraduate research students and capture an insight into their diverse range of interests. 

Elena De Sacco

‘Whose Voices?’: An exploration of ‘survivor speech’ in media reports of sexual violence

Feminist Theory and Discourse Analysis, Sexual Violence, Depictions of Trauma and Survival in Media Contexts

Louise Carol Serwaa Donkor The Exegesis of Portrayal of Women Politicians In Media: Ghana Case Study
Ben Jones Strategic communication and the third sector; influencing government
Christopher Mcmahon How should we think about video games?
Catrin Owen Disowning ‘Auntie Beeb’? An investigation into media representations of the BBC 2005-2015
Abdulsamad Zangana The impact of new technology on the news production in the television
Liu Zixiu Understanding radical differences in media representations of the 2014-5 Ukraine crisis