Professor Simeon Yates BA BSc DipNatSci PhD

Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research Environment and Postgraduate Research Vice Chancellor's Office


Digital Media and Society

Simeon teaches a core module on the MA in Communication Studies. The module explores the role and impact of digital media and technologies on society. The course explores how digital media have impacted on our personal and social experiences of:

• Living in a ‘networked’ world
• Interpersonal communication
• Work
• Government
• Social change
• Inequality
• Culture and identity

The module explores these issues through six broad topics:

1] Access and inequalities: How we can construct the digital to be open to all, sustainable and secure?
2] Communication and relationships: How language and interaction function in a digital age?
3] How our relationships are being shaped and sustained in and between various domains, including family and work?
4] Communities and identities: How we define, present and authenticate ourselves in a digital age? What new forms of communities and work emerge as a result of digital technologies – for example, new forms of coordination including large-scale and remote collaboration.
5] Citizenship and politics: How digital technology impacts on our autonomy, agency and privacy – illustrated by the paradox of emancipation and control? Whether and how our understanding of citizenship is evolving in the digital age – for example, whether technology helps or hinders us in participating at individual and community levels.
6] Governance and security: What the challenges of ethics, trust and consent are in the digital age? How we define responsibility and accountability in the digital age?
Data and representation How we live with and trust the algorithms and data analysis used to shape key features of our lives?


Simeon teaches on methods course across the Undergraduate and Postgraduate portfolio. He has written text books across both quantitative/numerical and qualitative/textual research methods:

Yates, S.J., (2003), Doing Social Science Research, London: Sage, (ISBN 0 7619 6798 2).

Wetherell, M., Taylor, S., Yates, S.J., (eds.), (2001), Discourse Theory and Practice: A Reader, London: Sage in association with the Open University, (ISBN: 076 197 1556/076 197 1564), (pp.406).

Wetherell, M., Taylor, S., Yates, S.J., (eds.), (2001), Discourse as Data: A Guide to Analysis, London: Sage in association with the Open University, (ISBN: 076 197 1572/076 197 1580), (pp.338).

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