New articles on photography by Prof. Michelle Henning

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Professor Michelle Henning

Michelle Henning, Chair in Photography and Media and Department of Communication and Media Research Lead, is publishing a number of articles on photography throughout autumn.

Much of the work was undertaken as part of her AHRC Leadership Fellowship in the archives of Ilford Ltd (now Harman Technology).

The following work is available now via the links below:

Michelle Henning and Junko Theresa Mikuriya (eds) Light Sensitive Material, special Issue of photographies, Volume 14, Issue 3 (2021) (published online 6 Oct 2021)

Michelle Henning, “What Moves? The itineraries of pre-digital photography” In Olga Moskatova (ed) Images on the Move: Materiality – Networks – Formats. Bielefeld: transcript verlag (published 14 October 2021) 

Michelle Henning, “Colorsnap! Colour photography, the market in patents and the 1929 crash”, in History of Photography, 44: 4. (open access) (published online 20 Oct 2021)

Michelle will also be publishing the following towards the end of the calendar year:

Michelle Henning, “Lucia Moholy and German Photography History in Britain” in Lucy Wasensteiner (ed) Sites of Interchange: Modernism, Politics, and Culture between Britain and Germany, 1919-1955, Oxford: Peter Lang. ISBN 1789973910, 9781789973914 (2021)

Michelle Henning, “That Liking Feeling: Mood, Emotion and Social Media Photography” in Jacob Lewis and Kyle Parry (eds) Ubiquity: Photography's Multitudes. University of Leuven Press (open access) (2021)