The Third International Workshop on Image Processing Techniques and Applications, incorporating

Mathematical Imaging with Biomedical Applications

        6-8 July 2015 (Mon-Wed), CMIT, University of Liverpool, UK.        
(Past: The First Workshop (2007) // The Second Workshop (2011))

This is the third multidisciplinary workshop aiming
- to inform the state-of-the-art in image processing models, methods, techniques and commercial software packages;
- to highlight new techniques and applications in Biomedical Imaging,
- to tackle existing and emerging image challenges,
- to promote mutual understanding of researchers in different disciplines, and networking;
- to facilitate future research development and collaborations;
followed the success of previous two workshops (see the above links).
The main themes are image segmentation, registration, blind deconvolution and algorithms with applications in medical and biomedical imaging .

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Programme HERE

Journal Special Issue     ♦

Selected papers were recommended to publication in Journal of Algorithms & Computational Technology
subject to the usual refereeing process -- SI editors: K Chen (Liverpool) and C H Lai (Greenwich)
       SI 1st submission deadline:    1 Oct 2015
       1st round review completed by  1 Dec 2015
       Revision / Final draft date:   1 Feb 2016


Ke Chen (CMIT and Math Sciences, University of Liverpool)
Harish Poptani (Preclinical Imaging -- formerly UPenn)
Violaine See (Cell Imaging)
Ian Prior (Cellular and Molecular Imaging)
Yalin Zheng (Eye and Vision, University of Liverpool)


The organisers would like to thank these sponsors
1/ UK POEMS network (EPSRC) - confirmed
2/ EPSRC grant EP/K036939/1, jointly with Durham (J J Wu), Heriot-Watt (Y H Chen) and Edinburgh (P Pankaj) - confirmed
3) Institute of Translational Medicine, University of Liverpool - confirmed

Personalised Health Research Theme

The workshop will be relevant to the "Personalised Health theme" (one of the seven University Strategic Themes) as launched by the University on 13 April 2011 -- see the Details.