International Workshop on Image Processing Techniques and Applications

        22-23 June 2011, CMIT, University of Liverpool, UK.         The First Workshop (2007)

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This is the second multidisciplinary workshop aiming
- to inform the state-of-the-art in image processing models, methods, techniques and commercial software packages;
- to promote mutual understanding of researchers in different disciplines, and networking;
- to facilitate future research development and collaborations;
- to tackle existing and emerging image challenges,
followed the previous workshop on 28th November 2007. The main themes are image segmentation, registration, blind deconvolution and algorithms with applications in medical and biomedical imaging .

Invited Speakers:

  Prof Michael Hintermuller (Berlin, Germany)  
  Dr Bogdan Matuszewski (Preston, UK)
  Dr Jason Xie (Swansea, UK)
  Dr Yalin Zheng (Liverpool, UK)
  Prof Elena Piccolomini (Bologna, Italy)
  Dr Carlos Brito (Yucatan, Mexico)
  Dr Nico Persch (Saarland University, Germany)
  Prof Ke Chen (Liverpool, UK)
  Dr Laura Harkness (Liverpool, UK)
  Dr Robin Woltz (Imperial College, UK)
  Dr Simon Doran (Institute of Cancer Research)
  Dr Helen Mayles (Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology, UK)
  Prof Arvid Lundervold (Bergen, Norway) 
  Dr Sven Barendt (Luebeck, Germany)
  Dr Noppodal Chumchob (Silpakorn, Thailand)

Programme :

    ♦ Compact Version (1 page)
    ♦ Programme and Abstracts (9 pages)


Ke Chen (CMIT and Math Sciences, University of Liverpool)
Simon Harding (Eye and Vision, University of Liverpool)
Colin Baker (Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology)
Bogdan Matuszewski (Computer Science, University of Central Lancashire)

Personalised Health Research Theme :

The workshop will be relevant to the "Personalised Health theme" (one of the seven University Strategic Themes) as launched by the University on 13 April 2011 -- UoL members can read it from the April 5 2011 edition of the internal "Precinct" Magazine. The theme contact: (0151 794 2018).