Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How can I access CareerHub after graduation?


    You can continue to access and CareerHub and support from the Careers & Employability team as you look for your first graduate job. To access CareerHub and to ensure you receive communications from Careers & Employability please update your details using our online form.

  • I haven’t found a job yet, can you help?


    We’d be happy to help! If you studied on campus, you can still access support from the Careers and Employability team after graduation. We can help by checking your CV or job application form, offering 1-2-1 careers advice, practice interviews and support with all aspects of the job application process. You can continue to search the CareerHub jobs portal for graduate opportunities, but will need to update your contact details. All graduates are also welcome to join Liverpool Connect, our online networking platform where you can connect with alumni around the world, at different stages in their lives and careers who want to offer the advice and support.

  • I’m moving away from Liverpool, can you still help?


    If you're still deciding what to do or applying for jobs, please get in touch no matter where you’re going to be moving to. You can continue to access our web based careers resources, search for jobs and use our online ‘Ask A Question’ service. To find out about our support and to access CareerHub after graduation please update your details using our online form.

  • Alumni

  • How do I update my contact details?


    To ensure you recieve communications from the Alumni Relations team update your details using our online form here or email us on:

  • Can I use the campus facilities after graduation, visit the library or guild etc…?


    You’re welcome to come back to campus anytime you like! During weekends most departments will be closed but alumni can still access the Liverpool Campus libraries, or the University of Liverpool in London campus library. Click here to find out how.

  • I am due to graduate soon, is there any way of extending my library membership?


    Library cards expire on the last day of term. If you have a Library card that has now expired and you are yet to graduate, we can convert your student card to a visitor card, which expire upon graduation; this would allow you to continue to access the Library, but for reference purposes only. You may find this is done automatically and your Library access is uninterrupted; if this is not the case please speak to Library staff.

    As soon as you graduate you can apply for an Alumni card, which will enable you to borrow up to ten books for two weeks at a time.

  • Do you have a social media account I can follow?


    We do! We have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter  and Instagram! We’d love it if you followed us so that we can keep you updated on what’s happening at the University, upcoming events and much more.

  • I’m not interested in coming back for events just yet, can you send me a recording?


    Unfortunately we don’t have the facilities to record a lot of our events, but we do offer a series of professional development webinars that you might be interested in. We add all of our upcoming events to our website so if you don’t want to receive invitations, you are still welcome to register for any of our events.

  • I’m considering further study, what options do I have?


    Alumni progressing to on campus full or part-time postgrad taught study can receive a £1000 reduction in tuition fees for entry 2019. Full details about the Postgraduate Progression Award can be found here. You can also get a 10% discount on Continuing Education short courses or English Language courses.

  • What if I don’t want to receive emails from the University?


    We’ll be sad to see you go but you can opt out of communications from us at any time. Just complete our contact preferences form here and we’ll update these on our database. You can chose to receive communications from us again at any time, just email us on if you change your mind.

  • Graduation

  • What is the difference between graduating in absentia and postponing my graduation ceremony?


    To graduate in absentia is to elect to have your degree conferred upon you in your absence, at the ceremony you have been assigned to. Your name will appear in the commemorative ceremony programme for that ceremony and your certificate will be sent to the 'Graduation Correspondence Address' that you enter when registering your graduation intentions through the portal. Your documents will be dispatched four to six weeks after your ceremony.

    To postpone is to elect to defer your graduation so that you can attend your ceremony in person in the next graduation period, normally approximately six months later. You will therefore not receive your certificate until you either attend a ceremony in person or choose to have your degree conferred upon you in your absence (in absentia) at the next scheduled graduation ceremony. You may only postpone your graduation on one occasion.

  • How long is each graduation ceremony?


    Each ceremony lasts approximately one and a half hours.

  • Can I get more than two free guest tickets?


    Each student graduating in person is guaranteed two free guest tickets, but a small number of extra guest tickets may be available before the ceremonies. The cost of these tickets and methods of purchase can be found on our Graduand and Guest tickets page. However, please note that there is no guarantee that extra tickets will become available.

  • What time should I arrive?


    It is very important that you are in your seat 45 minutes before the ceremony is due to begin. This is to allow time for any checks to be made and for any security arrangements to be followed.

  • Where do I sit?


    You should occupy the seat in the Philharmonic Hall that corresponds with the seat number on your admission ticket. Your ticket will be clearly marked 'GRADUAND' and will indicate the Row and Seat in which you must sit (e.g. ROW B, SEAT 23).  Your seat will also be clearly marked.  It is most important that you do not move from your allocated seat even if there appears to be an empty seat next to you. As we expect you to be sitting in your allocated seat, failure to do so will mean that you may be recorded as 'absent' which may result in you being incorrectly admitted to your degree.

    Your guests (if you have any attending) will also have allocated seating, which will be clearly marked on their ticket of admission.

  • Can I have my official photographs taken before the ceremony?


    Further information regarding photography may be found by clicking here.

  • Can provision be made for students/guests with special requirements (wheelchair/mobility/special seating/sight/hearing difficulties)?


    Yes. You will have the opportunity in the graduation registration portal to tell us if you or your guests have any special requirements that should be taken into account when allocating your tickets. If your circumstances change, please contact us. We can only make suitable arrangements if we know in advance.

  • Can children attend the graduation ceremony?


    Due to the acoustics of the Philharmonic Hall, disruptions by small children can be disturbing for members of the audience. For this reason, we ask that you do not book tickets in the auditorium for children under the age of 4.  A Family Room will be available in the Philharmonic Hall from which parents with young children can watch the ceremonies, but please note that all children must be accompanied by an adult.

  • What if I do not wish, for cultural reasons, to shake hands with the officer presiding over the ceremony?


    This is perfectly acceptable of course but it would help us if you let us know your wishes before your ceremony by contacting us.  We will then be able to explain the process that we would like you to follow on the day.

  • When will I get my certificate?


    If you attend your graduation ceremony in July 2019, your certificate will be presented to you as you cross the stage.

    If you elect to graduate in absentia in July 2019, your certificate will be sent to the 'Graduation Correspondence Address' which you enter on the graduation registration portal. All documentation will be dispatched by standard delivery by early September 2019. Please note that documents sent by standard delivery outside the UK can take up to eight weeks to reach their destination. 

    If we don't have a 'Graduation Correspondence Address' for you, your documentation will be sent to the 'Permanent Address' which we currently hold for you in Liverpool Life. We therefore strongly recommend you supply us with your details using the graduation registration portal so that we can be assured of holding your correct personal details and to avoid your important documents being sent to the wrong place.

    In order to expedite delivery, you can request your certificate to be posted to you via DHL courier. The charge for this service is ten pounds (£10.00) for a UK address, fifteen pounds (£15.00) for an address within the EU and twenty pounds (£20.00) for the rest of the world.  To make your request, please click on the relevant link in your confirmation email after you have registered your ceremony intentions via the graduation web portal.


  • When will I get my HEAR report?


    For students graduating from December 2018 onwards, you will be emailed once your HEAR is made live through the online Graduation Documents portal. You can then choose to share your HEAR with any third party through this portal, following the guidelines within the website.  

  • How can I share my HEAR report with employers and other third party organisations?


    For those students graduating from December 2018 onwards, you will be emailed once your HEAR is made live through the online Graduation Documents portal, approximately one week after your graduation ceremony. Should you need to share this with a third party organisation, you simply need to follow the links within the portal itself.

    For those students who graduated before December 2018, the University can forward your HEAR directly to the third party on your behalf. Full details of how to request this service can be found here.  

  • When will my student computing account remain active until?


    Your student computing account will remain active until after your official end date (or graduation date, if this is later). You will receive an email two weeks before that date with details about when your account will be closed.
    If you are an undergraduate returning as a postgraduate your account will be automatically extended once your course details have been updated to reflect your new programme of study: you will not receive the warning email. If you do, you should provide the CSD Service Deskwith proof of acceptance on your new programme so that we can ensure your account remains available to you.
    If you are continuing to work with your department beyond graduation and need to extend your account, we will require a supporting letter or email from your University Head of Department.