Scope and Themes


This conference is focussed on all key important areas of manufacturing systems especially on new paradigms, technology and methodology.  This long-standing series of international seminar provides a unique platform for the dissemination and exchanges on the latest advances in manufacturing systems.

Objectives of the Seminar

  • To stimulate technical and scientific discussions on manufacturing systems and their implications to industry
  • To provide an international platform for the exchange of the latest ideas and developments on manufacturing systems.  
  • To act as a driver for new research themes and international networking. 


Conference Themes
The 3-day Seminar will cover emerging themes and new topics on the theoretical, analytical and experimental aspects of Manufacturing Systems.  Specific themes and topics highlighted for the 2007 Seminar are as follows:

  • New Paradigm: Mass Customization & Personalisation, Changeability, Complexity.
  • Emerging Trends: Sustainable Development, Wireless Technology, Recycling and Re-Manufacturing, Globalisation, Environmental Impact.
  • Enterprise: Digital Manufacturing, e-Manufacturing, Production Network.
  • Intelligent Manufacturing : Agent-Based Manufacturing, Biomimetics, Robust AI Tools, Emergent Methods.
  • Process Technology:  Processes Analysis and Optimization, Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing, Micro-manufacturing, Automation and Sensing, Robotics.
  • Systems: Theory, Design, Modelling, Simulation, Optimization, New Theory, Performance Analysis, CIM.
  • Product Design:  Collaborative Design, Virtual Reality, Design Support Systems, Product Data Management, Product Life Cycle Management.
  • Planning:  Scheduling, Supply Chain, Total Quality Assurance, Productive maintenance, Enterprise Resource Planning.       
  • Social –Technical:  Human Factors and Education, Negotiation, Collaborative Negotiation, Knowledge Management.


Each of the 9 topics will be allocated an individual session at the Seminar. 





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