Liverpool City Region Civic Data Cooperative

The Civic Data Cooperative (CDC) is a part of the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at the University of Liverpool. They work on various projects that operate with data related to citizens helping to build a better region.

The CDC deliver projects through a transparent, open approach following best practices. The Cooperative utilises access to various datasets, mainly related to healthcare, such as summary patient records or synthetic datasets to support people and organisations in their efforts to produce better results.

Participating in many projects helping people in the Liverpool City Region, their goal is to understand the problems of people, small businesses and organizations and find a way to deal with them effectively.


Liverpool’s Civic Data Cooperative (CDC) is helping people to take more control over their own lives by making data about them work harder for them through smart, trustworthy data sharing and trustworthy AIs. For each child in the Children Growing up in Liverpool birth cohort the CDC will consider the ‘birth’ of the child’s digital twin and the opportunities to support the child and family through digital interaction in an increasingly connected world. This connectivity will create a bigger picture of a child’s health journey through NHS, social care and family reported data. The interactivity will also provide new data about the rhythms of early life to enable discoveries beyond conventional snapshots from questionnaires, GP surgery visits or interviews with researchers.

Professor Iain Buchan - Chair in Public Health and Clinical Informatics, and Associate Pro Vice Chancellor for Innovation

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