Our MChem programmes

Chemistry MChem

UCAS code: F102, Programme length: 4 years

If you wish to become a professional chemist and pursue a high-level research career, this degree is for you. The final year brings students to the frontiers of the subject and they will join the research team of a member of staff, in a subject area of their choice.

Chemistry with Research in Industry MChem

UCAS code: F161, Programme length: 4 years

This programme is targeted at our very best students, combining a complete MChem programme with a year of paid industrial experience - an ideal combination if you wish to become a professional chemist and pursue a high-level research career in Chemistry after graduation. The benefits of a one-year industrial placement are immense. Students not only gain in terms of their practical and intellectual skills but return with a more objective attitude towards their work for your final year. It is no accident that final degree performances are enhanced by a year in industry. In today’s competitive job market, prior industrial experience is highly sought-after by employers.

Medicinal Chemistry with Pharmacology MChem

UCAS code: F1BF, Programme length: 4 years

Those who wish to become professional scientists and pursue a high-level research career in either Pharmaceutical Chemistry or Pharmacology after graduation need look no further than this Medicinal Chemistry with Pharmacology MChem programme. The four-year course aims to provide you with a broad and detailed coverage of every aspect of Advanced Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology. On completion you will be ready to embark on a PhD in either Chemistry or Pharmacology or on a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Chemistry for Sustainable Energy MChem

UCAS code: F103, Programme length: 4 years

During our lifetimes we can expect to see major changes in the availability, price & supply of energy. Understanding the chemistry underlying sustainable energy is central to any long-term solution required to meet the world’s future energy needs. This MChem course is unique in the UK and will present chemistry through the lens of several sustainable energy options, demonstrating the breadth and depth of research being carried out to address issues of sustainability and global energy demand.