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Dr Stuart Elliott

Research Associate Chemistry


Personal Statement

Dr. Stuart Elliott received his master and bachelor degrees from the University of Warwick in 2013, with his master's research centred on the theme of lead-free ferroelectric solid-solutions. He then moved to the University of Southampton to pursue a PhD in the group of Professor Malcolm H. Levitt FRS, where he defended his PhD thesis in late 2017. His thesis mainly focussed on the topics of singlet relaxation in monodeuterated methyl groups and singlet relaxation engendered by scalar relaxation of the second kind. He stayed with Prof. Levitt as a postdoc for an additional year, before joining the group of Prof. Sami Jannin at the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 as a postdoc for more than two years, with a research focus on dissolution-dynamic nuclear polarization. He has recently contributed a book chapter to Long-lived Nuclear Spin Order: Theory and Applications.