Photo of Prof Nick Greeves

Prof Nick Greeves MA PhD NTF SFHEA

Director of Teaching & Learning Chemistry


Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry 2e
Organic Chemistry 2e

University Teaching Fellow 2005-7
Higher Education Academy National Teaching Fellow 2009
Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 2014
Co-author of the bestselling (150,000 copies) textbook Organic Chemistry now in 2nd edition



ChemTube3D is an Open Educational Resource created in Liverpool and contains interactive 3D animations and structures, with supporting information for some of the most important topics covered during an undergraduate chemistry degree.
Awarded Royal Society of Chemistry Nyholm Prize for Education Award 2015 for the creation and development of ChemTube3D, an internationally renowned, open education resource widely used in teaching chemistry at school and university.

Modules for 2020-21

Advanced Chemistry (Distance Learning)

Module code: CHEM340

Role: Teaching

CHEM130 Introductory Organic Chemistry

Module code: CHEM130

Role: Module Co-ordinator

Chemistry Research Internship

Module code: CHEM309

Role: Teaching

Further Organic Chemistry

Module code: CHEM333

Role: Teaching

Key Skills for Chemists 3

Module code: CHEM385

Role: Teaching

Organic Chemistry II

Module code: CHEM231

Role: Teaching

PGSC003 - Introduction to Research

Module code: PGSC003

Role: Teaching

PGSC004 - MSc Research Project

Module code: PGSC004

Role: Teaching