Dr Nasima Kanwal

Research Project Manager Chemistry


Personal Statement

Nasima completed her Master's degree in Physical Chemistry from Govt. College Lahore, Pakistan and PhD degree in Chemistry from the Queen Mary University of London. Her PhD project was based on the structure characterisation of zinc- containing phosphate-based glasses and related crystalline materials, using solid-state NMR and neutron diffraction. After completing her PhD, Nasima remained at Queen Mary University of London for a short period as a postdoctoral researcher. She then moved to the University of St Andrews in 2014 to work as a postdoctoral researcher in Solid-State NMR with Prof. Sharon Ashbrook and then with Prof. Russell Morris. At St Andrews Nasima has worked on solid-state NMR methods for signal enhancement, solid-state NMR studies of a range of different types of crystalline and amorphous materials and investigation of the ADOR mechanism of making zeolites through solid-state NMR. She is currently working as a Research Project Manager for Connect NMR UK with Prof. Frederic Blanc at the University of Liverpool.