2017-18 Chemistry Department Seminars

8 May 2019 Lyndon Emsley, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Crystal structures from complex materials by NMR
11 April 2019 J.D.Tovar, John Hopkins University Repurposing aromaticity for organic electronics
27 March 2019 Phil Cox Important Aspects of Fragment Library Design - Ro3 and Beyond
21 March 2019 Professor David Bott How to have a career (mostly) as a chemist (13:00 Gossage Lecture Theatre)
6 March 2019 Jurriaan Huskens, Twente University, Netherlands Multivalent interactions: From molecular design to biological function
20 February 2019 Fiona Meldrum, University of Leeds RSC Award Lecture: Crystallisation in Confinement – A Biological Perspective
6 February 2019 Manfred Buck, St. Andrews University Molecular Assemblies at the Liquid/Solid Interface: Templating on the Nanoscale
30 January 2019 Jonathan Clayden, University of Bristol  RSC Award Lecture: Controlling Molecular Conformation: Reactivity, Relays and Receptors
21 November 2018 Steven L. Tait, Indiana University Single-site Heterogeneous Catalysts by Metal-ligand Coordination Strategy: From Model Systems in Vacuum to High-pressure Catalysis on Oxide Supports
24 October 2018 Stephen Mann, University of Bristol Protocells: the Chemistry of Life-like Objects
17 October 2018 Kilian Muniz, ICIQ in Tarragona Oxidative Amination within the Halide Redox Manifold
13 September 2018 Joseph A Vetro, University of Nebraska Increasing the Potencies of RNAi Molecules for the Systemic Therapy of Cancer