2015-16 Chemistry Department Seminars

11 May 2016 Adrian Chaplin, University of Warwick Strategies for controlling C-H bond activation reactions of late transition metal complexes
4 May 2016 John Irvine, University of St. Andrew's   
27 April 2016 Jeffrey Reimer, University of California - Berkeley Physical Chemistry in Metal Organic Frameworks
9 March 2016 David O’Hagan, University of St. Andrew's  Enzymatic fluorination and application of the fluorinase for 18F-radiolabelling
2 March 2016 Michiel Sprik, University of Cambridge Atomistic modelling of charged oxide electrolyte interfaces
24 Feb 2016 Chris-Kiton Skylaris, University of Southampton Large-scale DFT simulations of O adsorption on Pt nanoparticles
17 Feb 2016 Chris Hardacre, Queen's University Belfast Development of in-situ methods to study gas and liquid phase heterogeneously catalysed reactions
10 Feb 2016 Peter Seeberger, MPI-Colloids and Interfaces Preventing and Fighting Infectious Diseases: Carbohydrate Vaccines and Continuous Flow Chemistry
3 Feb 2016 Sharon Ashbrook, University of St. Andrew's  RSC Award Lecture: Studying Disorder in Inorganic Solids: Exploiting Multinuclear NMR and DFT Calculations
27 Jan 2016 Ilya Solov’yov, University of Southern Denmark Quantum biology of the avian magnetic compass
2 Dec 2015 John Bower, University of Bristol RSC Award Lecture: Catalytic Chirality Generation: New Strategies for Organic Synthesis
25 Nov 2015 Mario Waser Quaternary Ammonium Salts: Powerful Catalysts and Auxiliaries in Asymmetric Transformations
4 Nov 2015 Barry Potter, University of Bath BMCS Award: Academic Drug Discovery: Sulfatase Inhibitors from Concept to Clinic and Beyond
28 Oct 2015 Weihai Fang, Beijing Normal University Probing photo-induced chemical and biological processes by ab initio based nonadiabatic dynamics simulation
21 Oct 2015 Edward Tate, Imperial College London Interfacing chemistry and biology: protein modification, drug discovery and a greasy hedgehog
14 Oct 2015 Tom McLeish, University of Durham Fröhlich Lecture: Physics – a Trespassing Discipline: Brownian motion in flowing polymers and signalling proteins
18 Sept 2015 David Williams, University of Auckland The Design of Miniature Bio-assay Devices