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15/10/2015:  Alex provides an opinion to Chemistry World on a report of photoenhanced RWGS chemistry that was presented at the recent CCU Farday Discussion meeting

10/06/2015: Our new paper on electrocatalytic CO2 reduction is now available in Faraday Discussions as a pre-print. The paper will be presented during Septembers meeting in Sheffield.

01/05/2015: Congratualtions to Mark, his work on hematite electrodes carried out with our collaborators at Liverpool, UCSC and Imperial, is published in Chemical Science.

05/01/2015: Congratualtions to Gaia and Jamie, their paper on immobilised Nickel cyclams is published

02/12/2014: Research carried out with the Rosseinsky group that reports a new visible light active water oxidation photocatalyst is published in Angewandte Chemie

05/11/2014: Alex is speaking at Bollington Scibar next week - all are welcome!

03/09/2014: Our new paper on electrocatalytic CO2 reduction using polymer supported catalysts is now in Chem. Commun. Particular thanks to Charlotte who helped with this over the summer!

31/08/2014: Vanessa Nascimento dos Santos joins the group on a 1 year placement from the IQSC of the University of São Paulo to study ZnO materials with TA spectroscopy

08/06/2014: We are pleased to welcome Charlotte Smith to the group for an EPSRC funded summer project

28/05/2014: Research carried out with the Adams group on photoconductive films formed from perylene bisimide gelators which show a remarkable tolerance to air is published

12/03/2014: Alex will be speaking at Widnes SciBar on the 12th March. Details are here and all are welcome!

14/01/2014: Many thanks to the contributors to the 2nd UK Solar Fuels Symposium. The scientific meeting attracted over 100 delegates and was organised by our group at Liverpool and the Solar Fuels Network - a report on the meeting can be found on their website

21/11/2013: Our paper on  oxygen deficient "black" TiOis published in JPC C. The work was carried out in collaboration with the group of Prof. Yat Li from University of California SC and it provides a mechanistic framework for rationalizing the remarkably high efficiencies that have been achieved with these water splitting electrodes.

01/10/2013: We welcome Mark Forster and Jonathan Lee to the group. Mark will be using time-resolved spectroscopy to study photoelectrodes, whilst Jonathan (joint with Dr. Frank Jaeckel) will be developing new materials for Hydrogen evolution. 

01/09/2013: The new SIRE building is finished! The group will be moving to its brand new lab space in the Stephenson Institute at the University of Liverpool in early September

01/06/2013: We welcome Dr James Walsh to the group

25/02/2013: Alex's review, co-authored with James Durrant of Imperial College, on charge separation in photoelectrodes is published.

 ‌01/02/2013: We welcome Gaia Neri to the group. Gaia will be studying hybrid photoelectrodes for carbon dioxide reduction.

01/01/2013: Alex is awarded an EPSRC Early Career Fellowship. The 5 year, £1.1M project will explore the fundamental science behind a new series of low cost materials for the reduction of carbon dioxide to the industrially important feedstock, carbon monoxide.

01/10/2012: The group moves from Imperial College London to the Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy at the University of Liverpool.