Applied Physical Chemistry


The Applied Physical Chemistry group integrates our research portfolio in Nanoscale Science with other core activities in Physical Chemistry.

In Liverpool we are engaged in a wide range of projects in physical chemistry ranging from understanding the properties of nano-materials, to how proteins fold and to developing new energy technologies. Our work ranges from fundamental understanding of physical chemical processes at the molecular and atomic level to developing new processes and products together with industrial partners.

Key scientific themes of our group include: applications of metal nanoparticles in imaging, diagnostics and therapy, electrochemistry and electrochemical energy technologies, molecular electronics, protein folding, chemistry and spectroscopy in high-pressure systems, fluid processing and separation science.

We have potential projects in the following research areas:

  • Nanoparticles for environmental analysis, medical diagnostics and therapy (Brust, Volk).
  • Scalable and economically viable production of nanomaterials including structured fluids (Egan).
  • Electrocatalysis for energy applications (Schifrin, Nichols, Higgins).
  • High-pressure physical chemistry and spectroscopy (Satherley, Iggo).
  • Molecular and nano-electronics (Nichols and Higgins).
  • The physical chemistry, electrochemistry and spectroscopy of new battery technologies (Hardwick).
  • Automated instrumental analytical chemistry (Myers).