Chemistry MPhil/PhD

Major code: CCPR


Staff in the Department of Chemistry have a broad range of research interests providing opportunities for postgraduate research leading to the award of MPhil and PhD. The Department is well equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, analytical services and specialist instrumentation within research groups.

Current postgraduate opportunties

Subject Overview

The Department benefits from online subscriptions to a vast number of primary research journals and access to online databases to facilitate your literature searching. As part of your research training, and to develop your communication skills, you will be encouraged to attend conferences and present your results both within the Department and externally. Some illustrative titles of recent PhD theses are:

  • Synthesis and applications of metal (IV) phosphates, phosphonates and their analogues in oxidation reactions using hydrogen peroxide
  • The self-assembly of nanostructured gold dithiol systems
  • The synthesis of nucleotide analogues using the Michaelis-Arbuzov Reaction
  • Pulsed reaction studies of simple reactions on alumina supported rhodium
  • Inhibitors of alpha-methylacyl-CoAracemase
  • New robust and chiralmolecular frameworks.

Subject Outline

If you wish to carry out research in Chemistry at Liverpool, please contact Mrs Marj Robson, who will supply you with more detailed descriptions of the work of individual research groups. The Department website  also includes details of current PhD project availability. The majority of funded PhD studentships are advertised in December/January for commencement in the following October.

Key Facts

Ranked 1st in the UK for 4* and 3* research
In the REF2014 we're 1st in the UK for 4* and 3* research (world leading and internationally excellent), and we've doubled our % of 4* research.

Why Chemistry?

One of the top 10 Chemistry departments in the country for research

We offer a wide range of opportunities for taught and research Postgraduate Degree Programmes in state-of-the art facilities.

Thriving research culture

We have been highly rated for its overall research by the Higher Education Funding Council and its research income totals around £5million per year.

Excellent training in modern chemical research techniques in a stimulating environment

As well as around 100 postgraduate research students, there are about 40 postdoctoral research assistants and visiting scientists from abroad, creating a diverse environment in which to study.

Participation in the EU ERASMUS/SOCRATES programme

Opportunities for exchange of research students with various other European laboratories.