Profile: Stephanie Yip

Programme: PhD
Started: October 2011
Previous study: University of Liverpool, BSc: Chemistry with a year in Industry, 2007 - 2011

Personal View

Working in the department has been a real eye-opener, and has made me see what a career in chemistry is all about.  The facilities here are second to none, and it means that the standard of work you can achieve here is of the highest quality.  It is a real step up in the workload, but we have a great team here and fantastic supervisors who a great at helping you get settled when you first start.  Personally, my knowledge of chemical processes and their applications has improved vastly, and I really feel like I’m involved with something worthwhile. 

My project entails the preparation of a wide range of Rhodium-catalyzed allylic amines as they provide key characteristics in the construction of biologically important natural and un-natural products in a stereospecific manner.  The research that my group looks into can be categorized into 3 main research topics which are Allylic Substitution, Carbocyclization and Total Synthesis. They can all be integrated (which works really well), you have independence to work on your own project, but also have a support group of other colleagues whose work is applicable to your own.

Living and working in Liverpool is also a big bonus for me, as there is a great nightlife, and has plenty of things to see and do in the day. There are museums and exhibitions, plus loads of places to eat and shop, so there really is something for everyone!