Profile: Gina Washbourn

Programme: FZBF, MChem, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology
Year: 2nd

Personal View

I chose to study a Masters in chemistry and pharmacology at Liverpool because of how well established the University is as one of the best in the country. The Chemistry department its self offered a great environment in which to learn, as well as feeling the benefit of the current research going on in the department. Thanks to the new Central Teaching Labs, I have had the opportunity to use state of the art equipment in brand new laboratories and a computer suite. I have found the lecturers engaging and easy to approach.

Another thing I love about the chemistry degree at Liverpool is the flexibility of options; I chose life science options, but there is also opportunity to take physics, environmental science and even archaeology, and even specialise in certain degrees like Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology or Nanotechnology. The university itself has a wide range of students from all different backgrounds and it is really easy to find somewhere to fit in, especially given the variety of sports teams and societies there are.

Overall I think the University of Liverpool is a great place to study, live and have fun, and Chemistry a great degree to study.