Profile: Adam Town

Programme: F102, MChem, Chemistry
Year: 3rd

Personal View

As soon as I started studying here I found the chemistry department is very welcoming and supportive of its students. In the first year of study they ensured everyone had lots of contact time so that we were all up to the same standard, which includes key areas such as practical working skills and maths. The lecturers all have a passion to share their knowledge and current research projects with students. They also actively encourage you to give feedback on the teaching or the course in general and will happily make changes and improvements for you.

I originally did a year of a degree in Architecture so the transfer to Chemistry was quite a radical change, yet there was always someone around to help if I needed it. I think this was one of the main reasons I was able to excel, so that after achieving good results in the first year doing a BSc they offered me the opportunity to study at MChem level. I now look forward to progressing to the point where I can engage with and contribute to one of the many high quality research projects the department has achieved an excellent reputation for.