Science impacts through Open Data

Helen Snaith (BODC), Adam Leadbetter (Marine Institute), Ekaterina Popova (NOC) 

Within the marine science community the cost of in situ  data collection or large-scale model simulations, alongside support  from various government initiatives, is rapidly increasing uptake of the  “collect once, use many times” principle. The resulting ‘Open Data’ initiatives  allow data to be made freely available for the widest possible reuse,  providing a range of tools and interfaces to improve both the discovery  of and access to a wide range of marine data. The development of these Open Data services is a research topic in its  own right, with new solutions emerging to overcome a range of obstacles  blocking the reuse and integration of data.

This session will welcome contributions that ask what are the benefits of this Open Data environment from a marine science perspective? What are the opportunities being created as a result of improved access to data? How can open data be used to generate greater impact for our science? How do these drivers affect the development of Open Data delivery?