Physical and biogeochemical drivers of deoxygenation in the marine environment

Bastien Y. Queste (UEA), Charlotte A.J. Williams (NOC), Oliver D. Andrews (UEA) 

Dissolved oxygen is critical for the proper functioning of marine ecosystems. Low dissolved oxygen is a growing concern, with increasing reports of hypoxic and anoxic zones and expanding OMZs globally. Dissolved oxygen concentrations serve as an indicator of ecosystem health, a measure of biological productivity/remineralisation and global climate trends.

Under changing climates, the drivers governing the temporal and spatial evolution of dissolved oxygen in the marine environment will change. We must develop a better understanding of how physical, chemical and biological processes will impact oxygen dynamics, and how these will in turn be affected by deoxygenation.

We invite contributions which investigate variability and drivers of marine oxygen change using observational or model-based approaches at regional or global scales and within coastal or open ocean regimes. We also welcome contributions using oxygen for ecosystem assessment and investigations into biogeochemical processes in deoxygenated waters.