Overcoming the temporal and spatial complexities of open ocean nutrient cycling

Robyn Tuerena (Liverpool), Giorgio Dall’Olmo (PML), Jessica Klar (NOC) Alexander Beaton (NOC) 

The cycling and supply of macro and micronutrients to the surface ocean determines the extent of primary production in much of the global ocean. Reconciling the temporal and spatial complexities of nutrient cycling in the open ocean can be difficult from shipboard measurements. This session aims to explore the different approaches used in the oceanographic community to overcome natural variability in the biogeochemical cycling of nutrients. Examples of such techniques include the use of autonomous sensors on moorings and floats, geochemical tracer techniques and multi-year ocean programmes such as the Atlantic Meridional Transect and fixed point observatories (BATS, HOT). This session would welcome presentations on these different approaches to investigate macro (N, P, Si) and micro (Fe, Zn) nutrient cycling in the open ocean.