Ocean remote sensing: emerging and future opportunities

Chris Banks (NOC), Lauren Biermann (Cefas), Hayley Evers-King (PML), Graham Quartly (PML) 

Earth observation offers a unique perspective on the world's oceans with the ability to synoptically assess the state of a growing number of ocean parameters with improved spatial and temporal resolution. This session is focussed on recent and future advances in ocean remote sensing not just in terms of instrumentation but also innovations in algorithms, synergies and applications. With increasing pressure on the marine environment, remotely sensed data have the potential to generate the vital information that policy makers, environmental managers, and industry require to tackle urgent challenges. We welcome submissions illustrating novel methods of processing or applying satellite data to tackle challenges faced by sectors ranging from vulnerable communities to industry, government, and the marine environment itself. The aim is to provide an interdisciplinary platform for discussing new oceanographic applications from recent, ongoing and future advances in ocean remote sensing. Advances in all aspects of oceanography are invited including, but not limited to: biology; physical oceanography; synthesis with in situ data; atmospheric interactions; as well as syntheses of multiple sensors.