Marine Science for Society

Jacqueline F. Tweddle (Aberdeen), Abigail McQuatters-Gollop (Plymouth) 

Society relies on many benefits provided by the oceans - from food to transportation, and from breathable air to a regulated climate. With increasing use of our oceans, and an EU drive for sustainable blue growth whilst maintaining clean, healthy, safe, productive  and biologically diverse seas, there is a strong need for marine science to influence and support ecosystem based management, to maintain or increase the benefits we derive from the seas around us.

In this session we will explore the wide range of research being done within marine science with applications towards societal benefits. This includes, for example, research supporting policy (through, for example, involvement in MSFD, Marine Spatial Planning or Marine Protected Area processes), or understanding and mitigating potential impacts of maritime developments or the use of resources, such as fishing. We also encourage submissions about practical involvement in policy processes and stakeholder engagement, the use of citizen science, and public outreach activities.