Changes in the Arctic Ocean System

Yevgeny Aksenov (NOC), Sheldon Bacon (NOC) and Ekaterina Popova (NOC) 

In the last few decades the Arctic Ocean has been a subject to a large climatic shift. Satellite remote sensing and hydrographic observations strongly suggest that declining Arctic sea ice is accompanied by a change in oceanic circulation, changes in heat storage, the hydrological cycle, and oceanic exchanges with the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. As the global surface air temperature rises, the Arctic Ocean may become seasonally ice-free in the 21st century, affecting the ocean and marine ecosystems, as swell as impacting local communities and global industries. This change challenges research communities to revisit current views on the Arctic system as a whole. The session welcomes submissions on the recent past, present and future states of the Arctic physical environment, ocean biogeochemistry and ecosystems, on the mutual interaction between ocean, atmosphere, and sea ice, and links to global processes. Results from multi-disciplinary studies are specifically encouraged for submission. The session also invites presentations of results from current Arctic programs and will encourage discussions on future plans for Arctic Ocean modelling and measurement strategies.