Atlantic Ocean Circulation and Variability

Bee Berx (Marine Scotland),  Penny Holliday (NOC), Gerard McCarthy (NOC) 

The Atlantic Ocean is a key region in the global ocean circulation. Moreover, the circulation and heat and freshwater budgets of the basin show great interannual and centennial scale variability. Heat transfer from the ocean to the atmosphere plays an important role on our regional climate, and changes in ocean circulation and heat content in the region, therefore, contribute to regional climate variability.

Numerical models and observations together allow scientists to investigate changes within the basin and the potential impacts on the atmosphere and wider marine system (incl. productivity).

Situated on the UK’s doorstep, the Atlantic Ocean is currently the focus of a number of research projects, which the UK marine science community leads or participates in. With observational programmes such as RAPID, OSNAP, and the Extended Ellett Line, we are entering an exciting new phase of Atlantic observations.

We invite contributions from researchers observing or modelling the circulation and properties of the Atlantic Ocean and its marginal seas. In particular, we invite presentations from the Extended Ellett Line, OSNAP, and RAPID communities. We would encourage abstracts on the themes of overturning and gyre circulation, heat and freshwater transport, and interaction between the major basins (subtropics, subpolar, Nordic Seas, Arctic, and the shelf seas.)